This is a shout out to our eggs…

Here at Hello Burger we value simplicity and quality. Since opening in November 2015, we have been obsessed with only serving the very best. It’s a tough balance between great quality and affordability but we’re very lucky to work with some incredible suppliers who believe in our mission for both. Between us, we are all focused on delivering great produce sourced ethically and locally. Our kitchen is completely free range and we’re really proud to serve organic eggs, that in our view is absolutely core to Hello Burger, just be the best we can be.

We believe that better produce makes for a better food experience in the restaurant. We’re committed to the highest feasible levels of animal welfare, environmental stewardship and ethical farming. Our take on burgers is very simple, we want the ingredients to be the star of the show. We’re particular on the cut of our beef, the grind, hand pressing and we only season with salt and pepper, so the quality really is the hero!

We approach everything we do with the same passion, whether it be our chicken, veggie burger, artisan gelato or our cocktails, it has to be amazing.

We think you guys deserve it, but… as this is a shout out to our eggs, we have to mention we are egg-cited to be serving Weekend Brunch, every Saturday and Sunday from 10am. (#Sorry. #NotSorry). So the moral of the story, happy hens really do lay better eggs. Whether it be poached, scrambled or fried, there’s no substitute for the rich yellow of an organic yolk. Try for yourself, come and say “hello”.

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