It’s nearly time to say hello!

Yes. After months of planning, plotting and trying out A LOT of burgers we’re excited to be nearly set and ready to welcome you to come and say hello!

The transformation that is taking place as I type has been nothing short of incredible. For those of you that are familiar with our venue or HB-HQ as we like to call it, it was formerly Festive Moon Chinese restaurant. As great as their layout and decor was (hey it worked that way for 20+ years) we were keen to get in and make the building our own.

We’ve been knocking down doorways, breaking down bars and pretty much destroying everything in sight (thanks Allan) but we’re SO excited with the results so far. If you’ve got a keen eye for interior design or maybe you’re just happy to see pictures of Allan breaking stuff (it happens alot) then head over to twitter ( to join in the destruction and devastation in real time updates.

Once the dust has settled, the decorators have been and gone we’ll be inviting you all (yes all of you) to come down and experience hello burger with some opening offers to make our bank manager weep. Sorry Graham.

Stay tuned , sign up with your email address to receive opening week details and hold on to your appetites…. hello burger is coming.

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