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hello world – our promise for our future

At Hello Burger we believe the little differences we make everyday will make the huge changes that we need to see in the world. It is our belief that if we strive to be just 1% better at what we do every single day, our teams, our guests and our business will continually see the benefit.

Since opening in November 2015, we have been obsessed with only serving the very best. It’s a tough balance between great quality and affordability but we’re very lucky to work with some incredible suppliers who believe in our mission for both. Between us, we are all focused on delivering great produce sourced ethically and locally. Our kitchen is completely free range and we’re really proud to serve organic eggs which in our view is absolutely core to Hello Burger being the best we can be.

Here’s a little bit more about Hello Burger’s passion for a brighter future…

higher welfare

When it comes to the produce we serve we believe in quality, simplicity and sustainability. We work with a family owned British butcher who sources our meat from small, passionate British farmers, who use traditional, free-range farming methods. This ensures both quality and a unique range to make our burgers and brunch. We believe that free-range farming is the only way we will get the quality burgers our guest expect.

We’re committed to the highest possible levels of animal welfare, environmental stewardship and ethical farming. Using higher welfare produce is a passion and a promise that we will never change here at Hello Burger. Our take on burgers is very simple: we want the ingredients to be the star of the show. We’re particular on the cut of our beef, the grind, hand pressing and we only season with salt and pepper, so the quality really is the hero of what we do.

this is a shout out to our eggs

We approach everything we do with the same passion, whether it be our chicken, veggie burger, chocolate brownies, cocktails, or our steak and poached eggs, it has to be amazing. We know our guests deserve it (and expect it from us) so this is a shout out to our eggs…

We are proud to only serve organic eggs with our burgers and brunch. Because happy hens really do lay better eggs, it a promise from us that the hens who lay our eggs will have a happy life, are fed only organic feed, and live in cage-free environments with access to fresh air, sunshine and the great outdoors. However you like your eggs in the morning (or around lunch time #hellobrunch) rest assured our eggs are organic and delicious.

so long sucker

Because plastic is just not fantastic, we’re excited to be saying ‘goodbye’ to plastic straws here at Hello Burger. The impact those little suckers are having on our planet is undeniable so we’re proud to being doing our bit and serving our drinks without straws. We know that sometimes our young friends (and sometimes our older friends) prefer a little help from a straw, and that’s ok too. We now have bio-degradable straws in our restaurants so if you need one just ask and enjoy a guilt free sip of your drink.

the greener way

There’s a lot to be done to resolve our global issues, but we’re keen to do our bit here at Hello Burger. Whether it’s our LED bulbs to cut down on energy usage or our commitment to recycling our plastic, paper and glass we want to be following the greener way. We’ve stopped sticking straws in our drinks and we’re working hard with our suppliers to work with more sustainable, reusable packaging so we can cut down our carbon footprint even more. We know the world is in need of our efforts and we’re doing our best to oblige every single day.

our promise to our people

We hear it time and time again and it never stops making us smile… ‘You have such great people working here at Hello Burger.’ Yes, our team are the absolute best and we’re always very proud to spend our time, effort and money to help them be better at the important work that they do. All our staff are trained in the job they do and everyone (and we mean everyone) can join our development programs to be even more awesome.

In our kitchens every team member has the opportunity to take professional, nationally recognised qualifications to higher levels. Our managers are developed from our front of house teams and every person who wants to learn a new aspect of the business is always encouraged to.

We want our work place to be a fun place to be so we invest in rewarding and recognising our staff whenever we can. We are proud to offer a flexible workplace so great people like students, and parents with young children can work around their commitments in a supportive and rewarding environment. We are proud to invest in our people and we know because we do our guests get the benefit.

Yes our food is awesome, but it’s down to the people who make it and serve it that really make Hello Burger the special place it is. We believe in working hard to bring the best out of everyone and helping our team to achieve their own short term goals, such as getting to the National Burger Awards (Oh hi, Farouk!) or securing a place at Oxford University (See you soon, Molly!). We try to do everything we can to make those goals a reality because if it’s important to our team, it’s important to us all.

Hello Burger | Sidcup | Hayes

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