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Gin has been really popular over the last few years, and rightly so! It’s got so much to offer, so many styles and flavours, incredibly versatile, great mixed in cocktails and of course, a G&T! So what could be better than working with our national staple, tea? I have some great recipes you can try at home, but always feel free to experiment and some fun. If I have any advice for you, keep it light, not too sweet and when it comes to flavours, less is more! Enjoy.

Gin & Tonic


50ml William Chase English Apple Gin
2-3 x drops of Darjeeling Tea & Chamomile Droplets
Fill with 250ml of a good quality tonic

Garnish with an apple slice and if it’s June, a couple of fresh picked Elderflowers.

Key thing here is to serve this tall or in a large gin glass with loads of ice. Ice will keep the drink nice and cool and dilute a little slower. Add all the ingredients to your glass and give it a good stir and garnish. The tea droplets add a wonderful depth of flavour, they work great with apple.

Long Island Twisted Iced Tea

This is a personal favourite cocktail of mine. Make sure you keep it nice and sharp, you don’t want your cocktail to be too sweet.

You’ll need:

25ml gin
12.5ml white rum
12.5ml cointreau or triple sec
35ml of fresh lemon juice
20ml earl grey syrup*

Top it with Fever Tree Madagascan Cola

Shake all the ingredients hard over ice. You’ll need to fine strain this too, through a sieve, just to catch the camomile.

*Earl Grey Syrup Recipe

Heat over a medium flame, and stir until the sugar dissolves.

200ml boiling water
100g caster sugar
2 x torn camomile teabags

Sieve and refrigerate for up to one week.

G & Tea

50ml Warner Edward’s Victoria’s Rhubarb gin
10 – 15ml agave syrup
2 x Clipper Organic Lemon and Ginger teabags

Serve this one in a teapot with teacups.

Add boiling water and steep for at least 3 minutes. This recipe will serve at least two people, and if it tastes a little strong add a squeeze of lemon to your teacup. It’s super simple, but has great flavour, the lemon and ginger add an awesome zing to the rhubarb gin.

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